Why do we do this?

Well, the first and most obvious answer is:
Because people need this service

Those with limited mobility or vision problems may need someone to visit them weekly so that they can continue to keep and care for their canine companions. Busy families need someone to help keep their yards clean for health, as well as aesthetic, reasons.

However, all small business owners realize that operating a small business is truly a lifestyle decision. While it entails a lot of work, it can also give you some flexibility in caring for children or pursuing other interests.

I started my first dog-waste removal company so that I could work while my children were in school, and be home before the school bus each afternoon. It also allows me to do the dog training and showing I enjoy and, since I am also a judge for several dog organizations, it allows me the flexibility to leave work “early” on a Friday so I can get to a dog show where I am either an exhibitor or a judge.

Also, I enjoy the challenge of maintaining a high-quality service business that some people may see as being a bit unusual.