How Does This Work?

We scoop year round,
including the winter months!

If you sign up for weekly service, I’ve Got the Scoop will visit your yard on the same day each week. Service days are determined by our existing service routes. This helps us keep our prices low.

We scoop your yard thoroughly, generally in a grid pattern, bag the dog waste securely, and leave it wherever you would like. Most customers prefer to have the bags left near their garage door or in a garage can that is kept outside.

We will scoop the entire yard or just the areas you designate. If your yard is fenced, we will generally scoop the fenced area only, unless you tell us that your dog uses other areas as well. If your dog is on a tie-out, we will scoop the tie-out area only, unless you tell us that the dog is allowed to relieve him or herself in other areas.

If your gate is locked, we ask that you give us a copy of the key or leave the gate unlocked on your service day. However, be aware that if we get to your yard and you have forgotten to unlock the gate, you will still be charged for that day’s service. For that reason, it is usually wise to give us a copy of your key.

For service at apartment complexes, parks, etc., our service method is determined by the size of the area and how long you would like each of our visits to be.

We cannot guarantee that your yard will be left 100% waste free – there is always the chance that we will miss something based on weather (for example, snow). However, if you are ever unsatisfied with your service, please contact us as soon as possible. We will do whatever is possible to make sure you stay happy with our service.

We scoop year-round – including through the winter months. Snow or rain will generally not stop us from visiting your yard on your scheduled service date, although it might slow us down a little bit. Because of road construction and weather, we cannot tell you exactly when we will be in your yard, but we can usually tell you if you will have a morning or afternoon clean-up.